Responses to Blog #14


Author: Britni Ellison

Title: The End!!!


Comment: That’s great that there were no low’s for you this semester; lucky. And I too, have learned a lot from this class that I will take with me as I finish out my education at GSU. Have a stress-free summer!


Author: Caitlin McIntosh

Title: The End


Comment: Wow, you do have your hands full with a double major and a minor, but that’s great though, it will definitely pay off in the long run, just keep reminding yourself that when you think “Is all this even worth it? I don’t even have a life anymore.” I wish you all the luck with your last year here and getting an internship or job offer! Have a great summer, and have fun at Disney World!


“Hold on to your memories, Hold on to those little things” -DMB


This semester has flown by! A lot faster than the Fall one did, but I have really enjoyed my classes, except for one really. I honestly would have to say thehigh pointof my semester would be being surprised with having no classes on Friday. When I signed up for Spring I had two MWF, this class (PR Writing) and Principles of Marketing. So naturally, I thought I was going to have these classes on Friday, but then PR ended up basically being online, and my Marketing class substituted class on Friday with a quiz every week, which was fine with me! I’ve absolutely LOVED being done with class for the week on Thursday at3:15 p.m.I don’t know how I’m going to transition back into having a full five day week, ha. Now I sound spoiled (I promise I’m not).

The low point of the semester would have to be the class I mentioned above that I haven’t enjoy so much. It’s Theories of Mass Communication and I’ve just not liked that rubric ATALL. First of all, I’m in there with a guy I kind of know but we don’t really talk, so it makes for VERY awkward class time. Second, there was just way too much critical writing I thought, even though it’s a course that critiques theories, there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. I could go into detail of what all we’ve had to do for grades in there but it just wouldn’t be worth my time. Anyways, I obviously can not wait to be done with it forever; just one, seven page paper and four essays stands in my way. Great.

Believe it or not, I’ve also had some helpful courses this semester that have taught me a lot and that I will carry on with me in my academic future. My Intro to Journalism class was real informative and even though I’m not a journalism major, a lot of what we talked about and learned hit areas of PR that we touched on in Intro to PR. This PR writing class, even though at times thought it was a lot of work, taught me useful tips on ethics and how to handle certain situations in the PR world.

If I could go back and change something it would probably be to wait and see if Theories of Mass Communication was offered some time in the summer just for the chance that its workload might be less. But now, I’m just glad I’ve gotten it out of the way. Another thing I would change (but still isn’t too late) would be to join some kind of organization that applies to my major. I changed my major in January from PR to Communication  Studies and should have gone ahead and joined the Society of Communication Scholars, but I still have time (so I tell myself).

P.S.- Congrats to the class of 2012!

Responses to Blog #13


Author: Sydney Brown

Title: PR and Baseball


Comment: I am also a big Atlanta Braves fan! I’ve been going to games since I was little, you’re right, so much fun! But I like how you said you would pick random people throughout the game to win various prizes; people obviously love free stuff, so you can never go wrong there!


Author: Britni Ellison

Title: MLB!


Comment: I also did the family approach, trying to get them involved and what not. But I think you’re totally right when you say that cheap family vacations are hard to come by nowadays, so turning a Braves game into an easy family weekend of fun would be perfect!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


Ah, baseball season is finally here! Ever since I was little, my family and siblings have loved watching baseball, and participated in the sport too. My sister and I played softball from a very young age up until sophomore year in high school and my brother played from t-ball to senior year in high school. It was sad when my sister and I stopped playing and when my brother went off to college; it was weird not going to a game almost every other day. We now watch and go to as many Braves games as we can afford and fit into our schedule. So yes, I am a baseball fan.

If I worked for the public relations team at one of the 30 major league teams and they weren’t doing so hot, I would really try to think of what the audience likes and what would get them to come out and support in such a desperate time. Being able to book popular artists to give a post-game show would be something I’m sure a lot of ‘on the edge’ fans would seriously consider. Even though their team is in a slump and they don’t want to attend games because of their record, they’re still fans and so they might go to a game where their favorite singer will be performing. Also, if the team was doing badly something that might entice more people to come, especially pet owners would be a “Bark in the Park” on Sunday games where you get to bring your dog with you. This would help because who would want to bring their dog at a game when the team is doing well and you’d rather watch it than have to keep up with and pay attention to your dog? One more way to get butts in the seats would be to have a “Tailgate of the Day” and give all who apart of it, free team t-shirts and $25 gift certificates to Kroger. It would get people pumped up and give them something to look forward to.

If the team was doing well I would suggest at certain games, in order to bring the families out and involved, have a “Children’s Day” where an hour before the game, kids 12 years old and younger can run the bases, watch the pre-game warm-ups, throw a couple pitches in the bullpen, and get the players autographs. Another way to keep sales high during a high point would be to say if you bought season tickets you get 33% off all food and drink purchases inside the stadium.


Responses to Blog #12


Author: Ali McConnell

Title: If I could travel anywhere…


Comment: I think Australia would be a great place to go, as long as you can put up with the heat, ha. As portrayed in pictures and movies, it looks like a nice place with beautiful wildlife and not to mention the aussie men and their accents!


Author: Sarah Russell

Title: Take me to Italia


Comment: I agree, Italy would be an awesome place to travel to! I also love the unique beauty the country has to it, so old and rare, I love it. Take me with you!

Everyday I’m NOT traveling…


If I had the resources and the time I would love to take me and my girlfriends on a week long cruise to anywhere with sand and water. I went on one in 2006 and it was so much fun, but I would love to go again now that I’m 21 and can legally drink anywhere. I think a cruise somewhat explains itself in terms of what makes it desirable. The possibilities on the ship are endless; there’s always something going on and something to do. The fact of having no responsibilities and no worries for a week also just sounds desirable and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want that nice break from reality?

I also think that traveling toHollywoodwould be a fun and rare experience. Just to see Beverly Hills and where all the top notch movie actors, singers, and celebrities call home would be awesome.

Twitter Assignment Feedback


This twitter assignment couldn’t have been more made for me. If anyone knows me, they know how much I tweet, which is A LOT. I love twitter and knew that this wouldn’t even feel like work to me. However, it was a different experience than what I am normally used to. I have never really tweeted or used my twitter account for any kind of news really, just personal enjoyment, so I felt like I needed a new and classy one where I could be the professional student that I know is buried somewhere down inside me. Although what I was tweeting was different and under a new account with a whole new objective, it still came easy to me and I ended up enjoying it. I obviously learned a lot and was more involved with what was going on in the news. Whenever I interacted and tweeted back to people in the past, it had never been for any productive reasons, always just messing around and having fun so having sophisticated conversations with my fellow classmates was good experience for me. I learned from tweeting news stories and interesting facts that not everything you say has to be “full of crap” essentially. Throwing in a few professional tweets every now and then wouldn’t hurt anybody, only do the opposite; educate others who did not know or who were not aware of what you said. I truly think I will keep up this account and continue to tweet facts, pose questions, engage my followers, and challenge them to do the same. I feel like keeping this PR account and continuing to follow the professionals and professors that I do could only make me more involved and in the know as far as ‘what’s happening’. I also think I will do the same for all my followers too. If I do say so myself, great assignment!

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